I have to simplify my life so I don’t go blind.

I’m not kidding.

I’ve been having continuous eye trouble over the past several months… well, over my entire life actually, but especially over the past several months.  My vision has suddenly gotten alot worse than normal in a really short amount of time. 

I recently went to a specialist, and he seems to think that the problems with my eyes are similar to the problems I have with the rest of my body… my eyes react to stress and anxiety just like the rest of the muscles in my body do.  It makes sense, really, that my eye muscles would act just like the rest of my muscles.

Plus, he says that I hardly ever blink and when I do, my eyes don’t close all the way.  Plus they don’t close all the way when I sleep.  So, muscular stress combined with the fact that my eyes are dry and tired from not being moisturized enough since they never close is taking its toll on my vision.

Another problem, though, is that my eyes arent responding to the higher prescriptive power they tried on me.  Basically, it didnt matter how strong of a lens he put in front of me, my eyes couldnt tell the difference.  My eyesight with glasses right now is the legal limit for driving, so if they get worse I can’t drive. And since they’re not responding to correction, there’s not much they can do about it until we can get the muscles and dryness taken care of.

If that’s what the problem is anyway. We’re still not totally sure yet.

So, I go back to the specialist in a couple of weeks to see if there’s more change and to continue trying to diagnose…and hopefully, they won’t have gotten worse in the 4 weeks between appointments.

In the meantime, I’ve got to figure out a way to lessen my anxiety and de-stress, since according to the doctor, my eyeballs can’t handle my lifestyle.

Stupid pansy eyeballs.

One thought on “I have to simplify my life so I don’t go blind.

  1. Maybe you need to turn it over to God. He made you, He has the owners manual. Maybe you are trying to do everything in your own strength and not his. Just a thought from an old grandmother. I love you Tutu

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