houseguests and housecats

Tonight we’re having a sleepover. With the Hodges’.  Okay well that sounds weird….

Michelle and Channing are staying with us tonight, and maybe tomorrow night, because they have no air conditioning at home right now.  Turns out their lab puppy, Gage, has a thing for chewing up AC wires.  Or, he has a thing for chewing up anything in sight, really.  But the chew toy du jour was the air conditioning unit.

So they’re staying with us. It’s kind of fun. Michelle cooked supper tonight for us, and she’s making Nate a big batch of cupcakes, like she does from time to time.  I think I’m going to ask her to move in.

In other news, I think Stupidcat is sick.  I think it’s an upper respiratory infection.  She is sneezing CONSTANTLY and her breathing is raspy and kind of gutteral. She’s just not acting like herself. It’s kind of weird not getting attacked and pounced on first thing in the morning. It’s like something is missing in my day.



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