Maui Day 8 – Heading Home (and the last of the pics)

Saturday morning we got up early so we could pack up (and so that I could send off my virtual class assignments via email since it was the ABSOLUTE last day they would accept it. I’m a slacker, I know). We had to be out of the resort by 10am, but the flight didnt leave until 5pm, so we had several hours of time to kill.  We decided to head up to the Wailea Shops, then to Mama’s Fish House on the other side of the island.  

Mama’s is supposedly one of the best places EVER to eat, and the family was really excited about going there.  Except me, because it was a fish house, and I dont eat seafood.  But it was still a really cool place and I enjoyed hanging out there, even if I didnt eat the food.  Nate had a $50 mahi-mahi, and I played outside with Jane Bradley on a huge boat they had in the back by the beach. 

After lunch, we headed over to the airport and boarded yet anothe 8-hr flight.  Since it was an overnight one, though, it went alot faster.  I read a book and slept a little. JB slept the whole time.  Once we got to Dallas, we had a several-hour layover, but we were lucky to find a children’s play area pretty close to our gate for JB.  When we finally got into Jackson, we headed home and Nate and I slept the rest of the day. And pouted because we were actually back at home and not in Hawaii anymore.

Here’s a few pics of the last day: 




^Nate’s $50 Mahi-Mahi
















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