Please come in…

Welcome to the Ka’anapali Alii.


Let me show you around our suite.  We’ve got a 1-bedroom, 1500 sq. ft condo, and we’ve got an extra pull-down full-sized bed if you’d like to join us. 


^ This is the living room.  The big cabinet to the left is the pull-down bed. I mean it, you really can come stay with us if you want. 1500 square feet is more than we’ll need.


^ This is the kitchen. 


^ Here’s the view from the other angle.


^ This is the bedroom.


^ The dressing/bathroom.


^ The view from the porch.


^ The outside of our building.

 And here are a few pics of the walk from our condo down to the rest of the family’s…about a 5 minute walk.






And here’s a glimpse of the condo that the rest of the family is staying in.  (We got our own place because we couldnt all fit in one.)



 Next post:  "Day 2 – Kaanapali Beach!"


One thought on “Please come in…

  1. You make me want to hop the next jet for Hawaii. Thanks for the wonderful pictures Hope you are having fun. Tutu

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