[Some witty nostalgic title…]

Friday night Janie graduated from high school.



^Me and Nate with the graduate. I’m surprised I actually made it there because I was feeling pretty crappy. But I guess your little sister only graduates from high school once, right? So just ignore me in all of these pictures, because I look as bad as I feel.


^ The sisters


^ Janie and her partner in crime, Alyssa.


^ The originals.


^ The whole fam, or at least the members of the fam who were able to make it.


^ Janie with Will (Dad’s brother) and our cousin, Dani. 

And just in case you werent there and want to see her actually getting her diploma, here ya go. The very beginning of her name is cut off. And ignore the girl walking across the stage at the beginning… Janie starts walking from the back right when he calls her name.



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