Urgent Prayer Request

I know alot of my readers here are praying people, so I wanted to send out a prayer request today.

Last night Nate and I got a phone call around 10pm from a friend of ours.  She has a brother out in Texas who was in a terrible car accident last night, and he was taken to the hospital for immediate brain surgery.  This morning, his brain is still swelling and his situation has worsened.  They don’t know if he will make it or not. If he does, there is a good chance that he will have severe brain damage.

My friend drove to Dallas last night to be with her family, and as you can imagine, the situation is a stressful one. Please be in prayer for this sweet family.  (I am refraining from using names for privacy’s sake.) Pray specifically for his healing, for the wisdom and skill of the doctors, and for the spiritual condition of him and the family.  I dont know if he is a christian or not, but my friend (his sister) is. Pray that God will give her the strength to turn to Him during a difficult time and that she can be a witness for Him even in the midst of tragedy.



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