If I had it MY way…

I got Janie’s graduation invitation in the mail. (Which of course is a post in itself since its so weird that my little sister is GRADUATING this week!) It of course looked more like a wedding invitation than a graduation, just like mine did when I graduated from high school.  Actually, thats something I’ve never really understood.  It’s all fancy-schmancy and elegant with all of this silver cursive script and the big Jackson Academy crest on the front. I’m really sorry to tell you, JA, but the invitations you send out for your graduates are a little BORING.

I propose that JA start allowing their graduating seniors to customize their invitations. Janie is so artsy and creative that hers would totally rock if they let her do it herself.  If I were going to make her invitations, though, I think I might have a little more fun with it…

I think I would pick a photo card.  (Like this one, where the picture is borderless and takes up the whole page and the inside is customizable.)420144-1560034-thumbnail.jpg   With Janie, nothing explains the essence of who she is better than photographs… but maybe thats because she spends 90% of her time with her friends taking random pictures of themselves making really weird faces.  Then they post them on facebook so that the rest of us can see them and laugh, too.  It’s pretty entertaining, really.

Anyway, I’d choose a photo card like this one.  Then, the hard part would be deciding which picture of Janie best sums up her high school years. 

I could be nice and choose a stunning one like this one:


But there’s no way I’d stick to something like that.  Arent big sisters supposed to embarrass you? Maybe I’d choose one of her classic posed shots that she enjoys so much:


^ Gangsta Janie


^ Seductive Janie


^ Silly Janie


^ Janie making out with her mannequin boyfriend


Okay maybe that’s harsh. Perhaps something candid would be better?



^Musician Janie


^ Sleeping Janie


But maybe the picture that best sums up Janie’s high school years with her 3 best friends is this one:


The inside could read: 

Jackson Academy Class of 2008: Who says robes can’t be a fashion statement?

Ha. I’m liking this idea more and more.  I’d say that’s a much more appropriate invitation for Janie & Friends than the one they sent out.  Don’t you agree?

What about you?  If you could make Photo Card Invitations for Janie’s (or someone else’s) graduation, what would it look like?  Feel free to embarrass your graduating senior as much as possible! 


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