Just what I needed…

Ive been looking forward to this weekend so much, and it has been everything that I thought it would be.

Friday we went and looked at real estate in Flora with Bert, and we found a house that we really like.  I dont know if we’ll make an offer on it or not, but its a possibilty.  The prices for real estate in Flora are really low (although they should go up when this new industrial plant moves in), plus its only about 15 mins from RTS. It’s a good central location between church, family, and school.

Saturday I kept Jane Bradley all day and we had a great time.  We played with Luke all morning, then went and ate lunch and got a complimentary caricature done at Renaissance for her to give to her mama for Mother day. It’s adorable. Then we took a much needed nap, then headed out to the Young Families party for church.  It was a crawfish boil, and they had a merry-go-round, inflatable jumping house, and hayrides for the kids.   The guys all played baseball (JB and I were Nate’s cheerleaders), and the ladies sat around and watched the kids and chatted.  It was really relaxing and really fun.  We totally wore Jane Bradley out.

Today we had church (although I wasnt feeling that great), and then we had lunch with Lacey, Brad, JB, Satu, Mary, Jesse, Luke, Baby Elizabeth, Jerry, and Jana.  I got to hold the baby almost the whole time.  I asked Nate if I could have one for mothers day, and he said maybe next year.  Oh well.

Now I’m sitting here taking a few minutes to rest before community group tonight.  Our host family is out of town, so we’re doing it at our place tonight.  Nate leads the group, so he has been going over his lesson and now he’s taking a nap in his chair. See?


Well I’d better run get back to getting ready for the group tonight.  I just needed a few minutes to sit down and rest, and what better way to take a load off than writing for all you people?

Have a happy Sunday.

And Mom?


I picked you a cyber-flower since you’re not here for me to give you a real one.

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!


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