What about those of us in the OTHER Madison??

I posted not too long ago about the fact that Nate and I are trying to sell our house here in Bainbridge, and we’re looking for a less expensive house (read: CHEAP) while we’re in school that’s in between the church and the school.

I was browsing around on the internet (surprise surprise) and looking at real estate in Madison, and I stumbled across a website for a real estate company called DROdio Real Estate. Unfortunately, it’s based in Maryland and was actually referring to real estate in Madison, Virginia, so it didnt help me out too much.

Except for the fact that it made me realize how badly I want DROdio to pick up and move here to Mississippi so that I can use them as my real estate broker, because they’re AWESOME.  Most realtors around here have websites that are strictly for getting you to call them and use them to buy or sell a house, which is totally understandable.  I didnt even realize that DROdio was a real estate agency at first; I just thought it was an informative site for people wanting to know the ins-and-outs of buying or selling a house.  It is much more oriented towards giving you resources and tools for real estate, and some of the things I’ve seen on their site have actually been helpful to me although I’m in the wrong Madison (MS instead of VA).  I browsed through their FAQ section and actually learned more on there than I have on any site for agencies based around here.

Plus I think it’s totally cool that they loan out free GPS devices so that you can drive around and look at houses on your own without getting lost. Nobody around here does that. They should.

The more I deal with these realtors and brokers and bankers and whatnot, the more I wish people would just give me the information to do this BY MYSELF and just leave me alone until I have a question.  Quit calling me, emailing me, and harassing me about your business. I’m not going to hire you as my agent just because you called me 234 times more than the next guy.  People around here don’t realize that.  DROdio says "If we let you do your own research at your own pace, then we believe you’ll contact us when you’re ready for an expert."

HELLO? Have you ever heard a real estate agent say that?

If you’re looking for Maryland real estate, or any of the surrounding areas, (and I know some of you might be since we’ve got family up there who’s reading this!!), check them out and let me know if they’re everything I’ve got them built up in my head to be. 

DROdio, please come to the other Madison. There’s a family here who really wants you around!


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