A Big Step…

I’ve been thinking alot lately about cultural influences and pervasiveness, and trying to figure out where the line is when you’re not dealing with black and white, but with a whole bunch of grey. When things aren’t "bad" or "good" in and of themselves, how do you make a judgement call?

I’m reading a couple of books on the topic, and it has made me think hard about several things that could be changed in my life, specifically things like tv, magazines, web sites, etc, that do nothing to push me towards sanctification. Instead, they take up my time, make me covetous and greedy, and put my focus on things that aren’t glorifying to God.  In and of themselves, they may not be wrong, but when they  have negative influences on my mind and heart, a change has to be made.  Even so-called "Christian" content  (whether on tv, literature, online, or wherever) can be damaging if its medium is too pervasive. (More on that later)

Anyway, the point is, I’m going to cut some things out.  Not because they’re wrong, but because it’s way too easy for them to become idols in my own heart.

First to go? I’ve unsubscribed from the RSS feed for People.com.  No longer will I see all of the celebrity gossip and trends pouring into my Google Reader inbox, multiple times a day. Because honestly? There’s just better ways to spend my time than browsing through the "Who Wore It Best?" photos or reading about Britney’s latest foray with the papparazi.  It’s just not being a good steward of my time, and it makes me dwell on things that really aren’t edifying or sanctifying.

And you might make fun of me, but I have a feeling most of you ladies out there are just as sucked into celebrity gossip as I am.

So I’m quitting. Cold-Turkey. Let’s hope we don’t see any withdrawal side-effects!


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