CASHCOW! Okay well almost…

I’ve told you about my occasional "sponsored blogging," and I’ve got another site that I wanted to tell you about  for like 2 seconds. It’s called SocialSpark, and it’s run by IZEA, which is the same company that runs PayPerPost, which is a "sponsored blogging" site that I really like and would recommend.  PayPerPost is asking some bloggers to post about whether they like SocialSpark or not, so I thought I’d check it out and see.

SocialSpark is similar to PayPerPost, and it just started.  I signed up to see what all the fuss was about, and so far I’m impressed. (Granted, it hasnt even been 24 hours yet, so take that into consideration…)  Basically there are various offers available, you browses through and see if any of them match up with your blogging style and topics. If you find something you like, blog about it, and they pay you. Simple as that. 

I havent done much with them yet, though, since I just signed up.  But even if it doesnt end up working out between us (although I’ve got high hopes since I like PayPerPost so much), I still got something out of the deal: a couple of new blogs that I havent seen before and really like.

While browsing around a few other members’ profiles, I came across this one, which belongs to The Mom with Brownies…another superworked woman with lots on her plate, although she’s definitely got me beat!! You should head on over and check her out. She’s got an interesting blog with lots of things going on.  And when I saw her name, "The Mom with Brownies," I just had to go and see what her site was about.  (And this is my profile on there, by the way, in case you were interested.)

So far, I like SocialSpark because it seems really user-friendly.  I havent had any trouble at all finding my way around the site or understanding exactly what I need to do to get signed up.  I also like how they highlight the profiles of other users, which makes it really simple to find other bloggers with similar interests to yours (and yall know how much I love blog-browsing). The only thing I haven’t been happy with was the length of time it has taken me to get verified.  The claiming and "itk installation" was really fast, but the verification process is taking a little longer. Overall, though, I’ve been pretty happy with it so far.

So check out  SocialSpark if you’re a blogger. I bet you could earn some cash, and its easier than you think.


*This post brought to you by SocialSpark*

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