Just when you think you’re about to throw in the towel for the semester because you just cant handle reading another theology book or writing another philosophy paper or spending days on end on another project, you get the boost you need to make it through the last 2 weeks of class.

"We’re going to let Nikki share her work with the class today, because people, she’s got it. She turned in some exceptional work, and she has really figured out how to do this well."

When you spend hours and hours cranking out curriculum for your curriculum writing class, those few sentences are music to your ears (:

3 thoughts on “Affirmation

  1. just needed a few words of affirmation, that’s all… me? He would have needed to give me back my graded paper in some pretty wrapping or something… you make so much more sense than me. How did you get to be the normal one? Congrats girl – I wanna hear what the class got to hear soon

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