Ready for another round of “BUY THIS HOUSE!”

Okay I know I was just doing this with the good ol’ Cobblestone house (that we’re closing on next week, by the way), but I have another great opportunity for you to buy my house. This time its the Bainbridge one. Ya know, the new house I have been raving about for 2 months.

It’s currently on the market, as it has been since we moved in.  We were never planning to stay there that long, just until it sold.  I’d love to stay in that house, but since we’re both running back and forth between Madison (church, family, jobs, etc are here) and Clinton (school is there), we need something in between the two. And since gas is now up to $864/gallon, we’re running all over the place and its costing us a small fortune.

Sooo, that being said, I have the perfect house for  all you people who are NOT running to Clinton on a daily basis and don’t need to worry about your husband being a half-hour away from school for the next 3-4 years.

Here’s the one we’re living in now:


^ That is the front, obviously.


^ The living room


^ One half of the kitchen


^ Other half of the kitchen

Here’s the MLS link to it if you want to see…., #189856.

I will upload a few more pictures to it soon, I just havent taken any yet of the bedrooms, dining room, breakfast area, or bonus room.

Just take my word for it, you should live here.



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