JB the flip-flopped ballerina. Or something.

Just in case you havent seen her in a few weeks and you wanted to know what she’s into, I thought I’d post some pics of Jane Bradley (Especially since her mom won’t do it on her blog).

Right now she loves to dress up. I happened to be babysitting the day she got this new outfit:





Dressing up also includes putting on everyone elses shoes and prancing around in them for awhile.




Peaches are great, too. But not as great as tutus and flipflops!



…and getting her face dirty. That’s fun too.

And of course she loves her Nik-Nik most of all. But I’m sure you knew that.


One thought on “JB the flip-flopped ballerina. Or something.

  1. have you ever seen such a beautiful fairy princess in your entire life? I think you’re going to need to send me a copy of those… pretty please

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