Anybody have an extra tow-truck lying around?

There was something I was going to post this morning and now I can’t remember what it was. Dangit.

Well anyway. Instead, I’ll tell you about my car, and you can confirm to me that it’s absolutely crazy and that this should have happened instead to Lacey because all of the crazy car stories belong to her.

Let me preface this story with the statement that until this, the car has been driving perfectly. Nothing has been wrong. Nothing gave me the clue that I was about to have to spend a fortune getting my car fixed. All because it’s a measly 5000 miles over warranty. (But that’s another story…)

Sunday afternoon Satu and I are pulling into my garage after church and lunch, and the car won’t turn off.  That’s right, it won’t turn off. I’ve heard of cars not starting, but not stopping? Never heard of it.  The key won’t even budge. So I go get Nate, who had come home after church to go back to bed instead of going with us to lunch. So he woke up (after a really bad morning already, that’s another story too), to me saying "Ummm, Natey? My car won’t turn off. It’s sitting there burning up gas in the driveway. Can you look at it?"

Not exactly how he would prefer to be woken up from a much-needed nap.

But he graciously (and groggily) came outside to turn off the car for his little wife who can’t do anything for herself. Or so he thought. But then he climbs in the car and it WILL NOT turn off. Key won’t move.  He plays around with the shifter, drives it back and forth in the driveway, checks every possible thing in the car that you could check, and nothing is wrong. Just the key. It won’t move.

So I call up my friend Michelle’s husband, Channing, who happens to be an automotive engineer who does troubleshooting on cars that no one else can figure out whats wrong… or something. I’m not sure what he does, but I know it has to do with fixing unfixable cars for Nissan. Anyway. I call him up and he comes on over, and he and Nate sit out there and mess around with it. 

Turns out they had to cut the fuel line and turn off the battery to get it to turn off. Channing says its something to do with a faulty key cylinder (or something), and that we’ll have to replace all of the key cylinders and the electronic key signal sender thing, and possibly part of the steering column (cause they might have to cut it to get the key out).

So overall, not cheap. 

My car is sitting in my garage with the key still in it, but don’t worry because there’s no way someone could steal it,because now it wont turn on OR off.  If it hadn’t been a Sunday, I would have driven it to the dealership or a repair place before turning it off, but nowhere was open. So now its stuck in my garage and we have to get it towed.

No offense, Lacey, but this should have been you.


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