Let me tell you a recent discovery I’ve made that has CHANGED MY LIFE. Seriously. I’m going to let you in on it.

One word: C-SPAN. I’m not kidding.

Before you get all impressed at my political prowess, you should probably hear my reasoning… I have to have background noise when I study. Lately I’ve been studying ALOT. I prefer having the TV on, but the problem is that I usually end up watching it, which kind of negates the whole purpose of turning on the tv in order to get more studying done.

Enter C-SPAN.

I can turn that baby on, have monotone, boring background noise for studying, and be absolutely guaranteed that I will not look up to watch a single word of it. I get more studying done without being tempted WHATSOEVER to watch it, because there never in the history of television was a more boring channel than C-SPAN.

I have had a more productive week than all of the weeks in last semester combined.

I guess politics is good for something, after all.



  1. my life has now changed… thanks NikkiI’m sure C-Span will appreciate all the new revenue they will get from all their new viewers :)

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