Oh, the things I’ll miss…

For the most part, moving to the house in Bainbridge is definitely an upgrade.  To begin with, it’s a BonhamBuilt house, which speaks for itself….obviously superior [but I’m not biased].  It’s bigger, has a built-in office, a bonus room with a full bath, a dining room, high ceilings, a great master bath, an AWESOME master closet, and lost of other great features.  Normally, we wouldnt have chosen to move into one this size [2298 sq ft] just yet since we don’t have kids yet, but with the real estate market the way it is, this turned out to be the best business decision for Nate.  It’s part of being a builder’s wife, I guess… you never know when you’re going to have to move into one of the houses. We’re keeping it on the market while we’re living there, though, so we could be booted out before we know it.

While I’m definietly going to enjoy all the perks of living in this house, there are a few things I’ll miss about the old place.  And they might not quite be the typical things you’d expect. Bear with me.

DSC04168.JPGI loved living on this street.  It’s right off of Hwy 51, so it’s close to everything.  Not too far from the interstate, the grocery store, a Wal-mart, a post office, or anything else we visit on a regular basis.  I could run to Blockbuster during a commercial break and make it back in time to see the rest of my tv show.  It was right in the middle of all of it, but you’d never know.  We never dealt with noise or traffic.  Plus, since we were right on the lake, it was easy to forget that we were smack-dab in the middle of the city.

Speaking of the lake…. that’s probably the number one thing I’ll miss.  I loved having my ducks%20on%20bank.jpg100 ducks and geese who would eat of my hand. I loved being able to sit out on the edge of the lake and watch Nate and Stupidcat fish.  I loved watching for baby ducks whenever it started getting warm. Bainbridge has 2 lakes in the front of the neighborhood, but they’re not in my backyard like this one was.




We also had that Purple Martin house that Nate built by the lake, and I loved watching those little guys.


Speaking of houses that Nate built, the dogs sure are going to miss theirs.  It’s heated, air conditioned, and solar-lit. 



I’ll miss the little birds that sang in my chimney every morning….sometimes they were annoying but most of the time I enjoyed it.


I’ll DEFINITELY miss having a keypad on my front door… I hate going back to digging 420144-1354035-thumbnail.jpgthrough my purse to find my housekey when I’ve got a handfull of groceries or schoolbooks.

I’ve grown pretty used to Chewy, the crazy sweet lab next door. I won’t miss him tearing up my fence, though.


I’ll miss having evergreens in my front yard… I love that berry tree.  The yard at the new house is all brown and dead right now.


420144-1354060-thumbnail.jpgAnd this might be a weird one,  but I’ll miss having a post office drop box right at the end of my street (dont make fun of me).  You never know how much you love those things until you cant find one ANYWHERE.  That little drop box was my friend.

Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the house in Bainbridge.  But it just doesnt seem right to move out without paying the proper respect to our sweet little Cobblestone house. It saw some good times.

And it’s just sitting there waiting on a new little couple to move in and have some good times of their own.  Maybe its you…?


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