Famous Last Words of a Fool

We spent our first night in the new house last night.

Wait, let me back up.

We have been steadily moving boxes into the garage of the new house for about a week and a half now.  At the end of last week, we started moving a few pieces of furniture. Saturday and Sunday we finished up almost all of the rest.  We have been living in the old house with our bed, our couch, our big-screen (of course), and our piano.  Just the essentials, obviously. (Actually, everything except the bed was there because we were putting off moving all the big heavy things till the end. We’re slackers.)

We kept saying we were going to move in as soon as Atmos could hook up the gas, because we needed our heat and hot water turned on.  I kept telling Nate, "I dont care about anything but the hot water. I can live without the heat, electricity, tv, and everything else…. but I’m not taking cold showers in the dead of winter. All I want is hot water."  

After about a thousand visits from the plumber and Atmos, the two finally agreed on what had to be done to turn it all on, and the Atmos guy got us hooked up and running yesterday afternoon.  We had about an hour of clear weather yesterday evening, so we decided to load what we could on the trailer and make a mad dash for it.  The bed and the big screen were the only two things that fit, so we just left the couch and piano behind.  But really all we needed for the night was the bed and tv anyway.   [Note: normally i wouldnt have even cared about the TV,  but a friend was coming over to watch the end of last season’s One Tree Hill with me, so I kinda needed it hooked up.]

The weather holds, and we get the bed and the tv inside. About 30 minutes later, everything flickers. The lights go out. Hmmmm… Nate calls the electric company. "2 hours," they say, and they’ll have it up and running. Turns out that the electricity is out all over the place [23,000 Mississippians], so they’re in no hurry to give us any priority.

Fast-forward to this morning: We wake up in a freezing cold room, no clock, no cell phones (both had died and we couldnt charge them), no heat, no lights. The power is still off. The only thing in the house that works is the hot water heater.

Nate and I lie in the bed considering our fantastic luck.  "You said all you wanted was hot water." Shut up.


5 thoughts on “Famous Last Words of a Fool

  1. I am glad yall got moved. What is your new address? I did not know you watched One Tree Hill. I do too. Love Tutu

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