Lemme fill you in…

Sorry I disappeared off the face of the planet for a few weeks…. I didnt mean to. But I’ll catch you up with what’s been going on with us.

  • Systematic Theology 2  – I took a one-week intensive course on Christology, and I really enjoyed it.  It was Monday – Friday from 9am – 3pm, but it wasnt bad at all.  It was much better than some of the other intensives I’ve taken, which were all 8-5… somehow those 3 hours make a big difference.  That was Jan 7-11.

  • Dad’s surgery – Dad went in for his neck/back surgery on the 14th.  They fused 3 discs and put some bolts in his neck, and he has to wear a lovely neck brace for a few months.  He is doing surprisingly well, despite everything they did.  He’s still doing really well, and he’s finally able to drive again.  He’s just having to make a few adjustments.  His brother came in town and surprised him, and I think it really made Dad happy to see him. Will even  fed him ice cream…Awwwww…. DSC04155.JPG
  • Moving – we’ve decided that we’re not moving into the house in Ashbrooke.  It’s better for the business if we move into one of the houses that hasnt sold yet, especially since the Ashbrooke house will most likely sell since we’ve already gotten a few calls on it.  So we’re moving to Bainbridge to the Parade house.  I’m pretty excited about it, because the house is really beautiful (as are all of the houses Nate has built).  We’ve already started moving things over, and we’re hoping to be completely moved in by the end of next week.  We’ll be putting our house on the market soon, so if you’re looking for a cute little house on the water, let us know!

  • Random sicknesses – The back and arm pain are pretty much gone, FINALLY! I still occasionally have a little bit of pain at night, but its not bad and its not very often.  As far as Lance goes, I was on so much medication for the arm and back that I havent been feeling the pain associated with that for awhile.  I go back to the doctor Tuesday to find out what’s going on with that.  Hopefully, they’ll tell me that Lance is nowhere to be found. I’ll let you know. 

  • What’s coming up next – Nate and I both start classes on Wednesday.  He’s taking 2 classes and I’m taking 4 + one online. I’m taking Curriculum Planning, the Teaching-Learning Process, Entrepreneural Ministry Development, Disabilities & the Church, and Biblical World and Life View.  Nate’s taking Joshua-to-Esther and Covenant Theology.   We’re also leading a Community Group for church, which starts in mid-February (Well, actually Nate’s leading it, I’m just helping him out).  We’ll have about 12 people in our group, and we’ll meet twice a month.  I think there are about 10 groups. 

I think that’s about everything.  We’ve both been feeling pretty bad today (something’s going around, and I think we’re getting it), and we took a few loads of boxes and furniture to the new house.   Tomorrow we’ll do more of the same, plus Nate’s going to a men’s rally to hear Dr. Al Mohler speak with some guys from our church.  The rest of the weekend will be more moving and getting ready for Church on Sunday.  I’ll take some pictures of the new house over the weekend, and I’ll try to keep you more updated from now on!


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