Reading Review 2007

How many books did you read in 2007? I think the final count is 41… as long as I’m not forgetting anything.

How many were required? 21, although alot of the required ones would have been pleasure-reading if they hadnt been required.  And some of them I would have never picked up if they hadnt been required.

How many were for pleasure? 20, but I enjoyed the majority of the required ones and would still consider them as "pleasure-reading"….. well, some of them.

How many fiction? 10, and that’s a really low number for me! I usually read LOTS of fiction… but with RTS starting this year, it kind of screwed up my pattern.

How many non-fiction? 31

How many biography? 1, the biography of Amy Carmichael. (2 if you count the one about Calvin, but it’s not necessarily a full report on his life)

How many of these books had you read before? 1- The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason. And I’ll probably read it again next year. I read Heirs of the Covenant by Susan Hunt twice in 2007- does that count?

Which do you think you’ll read again? probably alot of the Biblical ones because they’ll be required for other classes in the future. I’ll probably read The Message of Acts in the History of Redemption again just because it was really great and I love Acts.  I’ll read The Mystery of Marriage again, I’m sure.  Definitely Sex and the Supremacy of Christ and Let the Nations Be Glad, both by John Piper.

What was your favorite? Probably Sex and the Supremacy of Christ or Let the Nations Be Glad, by John Piper.  Out of the fiction books, probably Cannery Row by Steinbeck or Hocus Pocus by Vonnegut.

What was your least favorite? Easy- The Hamilton Case by Michelle Kretser

What would you consider the easiest read? Probably one of the ones meant for the general lay people of the church, such as Serving in your Church Nursery by Julia Brown, or Parenting in the Pew by Robbie Castleman. Both of those were meant to be helpful to anyone at any level.  They were both great books.

What would you consider the most difficult read? That’s an easy one- The Structure of Biblical Authority by Meredith Kline.   Along with anything else by Kline.

If you could recommend 1 book from 2007, which would it be and why? Either Sex and the Supremacy of Christ by Piper, or The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason.  That’s 2 books… oh well.  They are two of the most insightful and helpful books I’ve ever read, and they truely helped me to develop and understand my own views of what Biblical marriage, relationship, and sex look like.  If you’re married, engaged, dating, know someone who’s married,  or hope to get married one day, you should read these book!! I think I’m going to order a case of each and start handing them out like candy on the side of the street. No kidding.

So that’s what I read in 2007…. What about you?





One thought on “Reading Review 2007

  1. I don’t know if I read a whole book this year (do books of the Bible count as books? ;) ) that’s pretty sad isn’t it? you put me to shame, Nikki :P

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