Getting ready…

This is the house that Nate is building for us.  That is, if no one else buys it first. If someone buys it, its theirs.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Of course, we’ve got a little ways to go on it. But if no one buys it, we might move in in the spring.  We customized the plan to make it fit some of the things we want.


In order to save some money, we’re doing some of the work ourselves instead of subbing it out to other contractors, like he does on his other houses.  Last week we went out there and caulked the outside trim. DSC04118.JPG

Nate got a commercial paint sprayer for Christmas, so he’s been working on painting the trim today and will hopefully finish it this week.  He’s got to get alot of it finished this weekend because he’ll be gone all next week.  He’s going skiing with the Highlands youth group (he still leads a small group for senior boys there, he’s chaperoning), so he’ll miss a week of work. 

He’s pretty excited about the trip.  This excited: 


He paraded around the house like that for awhile, and was pretty frustrated that Stupidcat and the dogs weren’t scared of him.  They just kind of rolled their eyes at him.  

That wasnt the worst of it, though. We went shopping the day after Christmas for some of his ski stuff, and he decided that he needed try it all on in the car.  I kept telling him that someone was going to call the cops on us and report bank robbers.  It’s kind of scary riding around with a man who looks like this:


 I’m just glad we made it home without any incidents.



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