Because I’m a slacker…

I’m really not a Scrooge, I promise.  Just because I didn’t decorate my house, send out Christmas cards, or even put up a tree…  okay I see how you might think I was a Scrooge. But I’m not.

No decorations because we’re trying hard to get our house market-ready and I thought it would be easier to work on without decorations everywhere.  No tree because I didnt have room (Childrens Ministry stuff EVERYWHERE!), plus Nate is leaving town after Christmas and I would have to take it down by myself.  No card because I just didnt get to it.  But hey- I dont have kids yet. I CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS!

Since you werent blessed with a Christmas card from the Bonhams to grace your fridge, I’ll at least show you what you missed out on.  We had them all ready, we just never got around to actually getting them printed.  I even have the actual cards bought that the photos were going in, and I made a list of names and addresses (yes you were on it).  But even with all that done beforehand, cards still didnt go out.  Just imagine it coming in a really cute Christmas card instead of via your computer screen.  So here ya go, impersonal as it may be:



One thought on “Because I’m a slacker…

  1. That’s awesome :)No worries, Ya’ll were on your parents card weren’t you? so in one sense, you ‘kinda’ were a part of a Christmas card… more than I can say :)

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