Home again, home again…

Well we’re back from Chattanooga (or Chickamauga, really), and Stupidcat did a good job of holding down the fort while we were away. Annabeth has slipped into a deep depression after being snatched away from her grandmother, because she spoils her more than anyone on the planet.



They would lie on the floor for hours at a time watching a movie, and Kathy would just rub Annabeth’s belly. Annabeth probably had more turkey than any of the rest of us did, just because her puppy face beats any of ours, hands down! So none of us were really ready to come home, but needless to say, Annabeth is taking it the hardest.

Nate has come down with strep again…. or pre-strep, really.  He gets it every year.  He’s learned how to detect the warning signs and usually gets an antibiotic early enough to fend it off.  Hopefully we got it early enough this year too.  For now, though, he’s bundled up in a blanket in his recliner with a bowl of soup, a bottle of meds, and the remote.  I just hope I dont catch it!

I have a Hebrew vocab test on 23 chapters tomorrow.  Thats like 400 something vocab words I think.  In hebrew.  One guess on whether or not I’m ready for it…..


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