My weekend in prose-n-pics…

The weekend was a good one- Friday night we went over to Mom and Dad’s and we caught up on some old episodes of ‘The Office.’   I spent Saturday lying in the bed with Mom while we read our books. That night Nate and I rented "Mr. Brooks" and spent the evening on the couch.  Sunday was "Show Me the Money Sunday" at church… well that’s not the official name but that’s what we called it.  We’ve been saving money for several months to purchase land (16 acres), and yesterday was the day that everyone was supposed to bring their money that we’d been saving and we were going to try to raise $1million in one shot.  We’re about $100k short, but we’ve still got some money that will be coming in from other various churches who support us, so we’re hoping to have our $1million by the end of the year.  This way, we’ll be able to go into a building campaign debt-free.  (Let me know if you want to contribute!)

This week Nate and I are trying to get totally caught up on schoolwork and get ready to head to Atlanta on Friday for the Mission to the World conference.  Nothing too terribly exciting this week, other than a fun night of hanging out with the Kines family tomorrow.  I am totally addicted to those little girls.

Here’s a few pictures before I go:










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