Works For Me Wednesday

wfmwsmall_2.jpgSo it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done WFMW…okay maybe a few more than that. But I’m back now!

It’s actually Backwards Day over at Rocks in My Dryer, and I’m supposed to ASK for a tip instead of giving one.  But, I think I’m going to do both.  My question is this: Does anyone know how to get dried-on grout off of tile floors?? Nate laid tile a LONG time ago and never got around to cleaning some of the grout up. Now it might as well be concrete.  It’s not coming up. Help!!

And for the other part:  Today’s WFMW tip is for organizing placemats and linen napkins.  I don’t have a linen closet, or really any good place for storing things like that where they won’t get messed up.  I’ve tried keeping them in cabinets and things, but it just doesnt work. They get jumbled, wrinkled, or misplaced.  So, I’ve come up with a soluntion:DSC03979.JPG

I hang them on the rack in my laundry room.  I dont really use that rack anyway, because if I hang clothes there they stay there for about a month before they actually make it to the closet. So it usually just hangs empty.  I hung all of the placemats on hangers (2 per hanger) and did the same for the napkins. I ironed everything first so that they would be wrinkle-free, and since they’re hanging up, they’ll probably stay that way.  So far, this has been a great way of keeping them all in good condition.  Plus, theyre right there when I need them.



 That’s my tip for the day. It works for me!  For more WFMW tips, head on over to Rocks in My Dryer.  Feel free to join up next week!


2 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday

  1. What beautiful linens! I used an box cutter with a straight edge razor blade to scrape the grout off my shower floor. I followed that with a scouring sponge (the nylon kind) and it worked great with no scratching or tile damage. Found your blog via WFMW. Glad I did.

  2. Great post and blog. — I was drawn in by the design, and I have to admit it wasn’t the ‘placement of linen napkins that got me,’ but rather the determination to stick with the book of Ezekiel. No doubt it’s tough, but the rewards of reading (spending time in) God’s Word are often seen on down the road. There’s a power in His Word that gets into us regardless of whether we feel it or not.So keep on chasing God!Also, before I go, can I ask you for a favor?Just curious… I’ve been frustrated trying to get my blog out there to people beyond our church. The church is large (about 3,000) and I have close to 1,000 readers a day on my blog, but still have a very low authority on Technorati. I’ve learned that this is because I don’t have enough links to my site.Why does this matter? Because I want to start reaching out to people beyond just the church, and to do that I need to get this blog up higher on the search engines.I was wondering if you would be willing to put in a link exchange with me at If so, please send me an email to showing me where you’ve linked it and I will do the same.Look forward to hearing from you!Pastor Rob Singleton

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