Scotland Recap (Part IV)

Okay so this is the last installment of Scotland Recap.  Click to see Part 1, 2, or 3 if you haven’t been following along. 

Friday 19th – We started out the day kind of sad knowing it was the last day of the Kids Club. We’d had so much fun all week with these kids!  We were determined to be extra excited, cheerful, and loving because we knew it might be the last time we saw some of the kids, and we wanted to make sure that they were left with a good impression of church, Christians, and Jesus.  The lesson we covered was "from Sadness to Joy," and it was all about how Jesus transforms your life. You might not always be happy, so to speak, but you’ll always have a joy in your heart that no one can touch.  Since our girls were a little more knowledgable about the Bible and theology (isnce they came from families within the DSC03873.JPGchurch), we were able to go a little deeper into the subject. Nate did alot of the teaching that day, because my back was really giving me trouble. He did alot of the teaching throughout the week, actually, and he did a great job with it.  We also played some fun games with the kids, such as a mummy toilet paper game, which they loved. After we said goodbye to the neighborhood kids, we ate lunch at the church and most of the team headed out to visit Dunfirmline and spend time in prayer for the city.  Since Nate and I had been staying in Dunfirmline all week (that’s where Kevin and Wendy live), and since I was having such a hard time with my back, we headed back to the manse and I took a good long nap in hopes that I could keep it from getting any worse.  Nate sat down to study for awhile, but he ended up falling asleep too.  We woke up for dinner at the manse with the MacMillans, which is always delicious. Louise is quite the chef!! This time, it was just a few of us, though, because the majority of the team was eating with their hosts.  Nate, Josh, and I were going to be running the Youth Club for the evening, so we and our hosts all ate together beforehand.  After dinner, we headed over to another church family’s house, and we had about 9 youth-group age kids meet us there.   We played games and they asked us some questions about the US, then Nate led them in a Bible lesson on the story of David running from Saul.  Many of these kids were not Christians, so it wasn’t a story that was familiar to them.  Nate (as always), did a great job presenting the material…although he kept getting David, Saul, and Jonathan’s names confused! After the youth club, we headed back to Wendy’s and hung out with her for awhile before heading to bed. 

Saturday 20th – we spent the entire day sightseeing and traveling all over Scotland.  We started out by heading up to Pitlochery, then to Queensview, then to Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle, then up to Inverness for dinner. What an amazing day!! When we got home, Kevin was back from Italy so we were able to sit around and hear all about his trip.

(unfortunately, no pictures from Pitlochery or Inverness)


                                          ^ at Queensview



           ^ Also at Queensview. Lacey says we look like Adam and Eve with clothes on.



                                   ^ At Urquart Castle on Loch Ness

Sunday 21st – We left early enough to get to church ON TIME without getting a ticket, and enjoyed another worship service at Kirkcaldy Free Church. They were a little short-staffed for the kids, so I led a sunday school class for the 5-9 year olds.   Afterwards, Nate and I took Kevin and Wendy out to lunch at a place called Frankie and Benny’s, which is a New York style Italian restaurant.  It was excellent. We went back to Wendy’s for a nap, then headed to the Dunfirmline church’s evening service. After dinner, we all headed over to the Cummings


                  ^at the Cummings house for worship/reflection

house for a time of worship and reflection (plus desserts and some Scottish beer), and we got to talk about our favorite parts of the trip.  It’s so amazing how 12 of us can be on the exact same trip together, but since we’re each at such different places in our lives, the trip meant something so different to each of us.  I loved hearing how it had touched each of our team members in such a special and unique way.  After a night of fellowship, we hugged our Scottish friends goodbye and headed back to Wendys.  We sat around at her dining table drinking wine and talking for several hours before we finally decided that we needed to go pack.  It was really hard knowing that it was our last night hanging out with them, since we’d had such a great time together.  We ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep or so once we finally got to bed, but enjoying the night with them was more than worth it.


I’ve already told you about Monday. It was miserable. Except for the fact that several families showed up at the airport to see us off:


               ^Jessica, Me, Catherine



                  ^ Sophie, Jessica, Me, Catherine, Ce
it, Ruth

So I guess that sums up the week… At least that’s the basics of what we did.  I’ll have to do another post on the ways that I was emotionally and spiritually affected by such an amazing group of people.  Maybe tomorrow….


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