Scotland Recap (Part III)

So Im not sure how many posts this is going to take- I’ve been writing more about each day than I had originally planned… but that’s okay.  At least you’ll get a feel for how each day went. 

Wednesday 17th – We started the day out with preparation for the Kids Club.  We were doing a new lesson for the kids, so we had a little more to get ready for than we had the day before. The club started at 10 and once again we had a full house! Our theme for the entire


     ^ the Drama team running through lines

week was Transformation. Monday/Tuesday had been "from nothing to something," and wednesday was "from darkness to light."  Darkness to light is a difficult concept to grasp when you’re not talking about a physical concrete transformation from literal darkness to literal light.  It’s hard to teach children who have never heard anything about the bible at all such an abstract concept.  But we did the best we could, we talked about what it means to "walk in the darkness" and about sin, then we told them all about the Light and how Jesus came to save us from the darkness and our sin and to  bring us into the light with him.  We basically had to come up with as many concrete illustrations as we could to help them understand.  In all, I think they at least had an idea of what we meant.  After the club, we went out to distribute more fliers and knock on doors for the upcoming community cafe.   Nate ended up getting into a lengthy discussion for about a half hour with an elderly gentleman, discussing his views of the church.  The man told him all about how he had been somewhat jaded by the church and by his family, and Nate was able to really encourage him, I think.  Maybe he’ll show up at the Kirkcaldy Free Church sometime in the future.   After advertising for awhile, we had some free time before dinner.  A group of us decided to head down to High Street, which is pretty much the town center for Kirkcaldy.  We went to Tescos


   ^hanging out at the manse, watching Douglas dance. 

        (He’s the 2yo at the very bottom of the picture.)

(similar to Walmart) and visited several shops. Then we headed back to the MacMillans for dinner with the team. Dinner at the MacMillans was always great, because we were able to just hang out and rest for awhile, just enjoying spending time together.  After dinner, we went back to the church for the Wednesday Prayer Meeting, where several families from the church gather to pray the church, the community, and the world.  It was great being able to sit in and be a part of such a great meeting.


             ^fellowship (?) at the manse

Afterwards, we headed back to Wendys to wind down a little. Wendy had just come off of another 12-and-a-half hour shift, so she wanted to sit back and hear all about how the club went.  After hanging out for awhile with her, we decided to call it a night.


Thursday 18th – The day began once again with prep for the Kids’s Club.  We spent alot of time in prayer beforehand, because the topic for the day was "From Death to Life." We were going to be telling the story of the crucifixion to a large group of children who had never heard it before.  In the leaders’ book for the program, it said that alot of churches report th


         ^Our group hanging out before the Club started

at they felt that Satan had attacked them in a much stronger way once they got to this lesson, because it was such an important one.  We spent alot of time praying that God would keep Satan and his attacks far from us, and that the Holy Spirit would give the children understanding for such a difficult topic.  Thankfully, God answered our prayers and we felt that the lesson went really well. The children were attentive and interested, and several group leaders said that they were able to get into some really great and productive discussions in their group time.   After the club was over, we had lunch and did more prep for the next day, then our team decided to head up to St.


               ^Standing in front of the university

 Andrews for the afternoon.  It is beautiful! We saw the university (where Prince William went to school), the big golf course where they have held the British Open, and the


                           ^St Andrews Golf Course

cathedral ruins. We did a little shopping and Nate got a shot glass for his collection.  For dinner, the team was divided up at different people’s homes for the evening. Nate and I ate with Jeff, Margaret, and Wendy at


                ^ A wee little Cumming baby

the Cummings, and we had a great time.  That was the first time we’d gotten the chance to really hang out with them as a family, so we really enjoyed it. Once again, by the time we got home we were totally exhausted so we went straight to bed.



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