Scotland Recap (Part II)

Okay so here’s a little more about what we did:

Monday 15th – We started the day off early because we had alot of prep to do to get ready for the Kid’s Club, which started at 10am.  We told Kevin goodbye, and he headed off to Italy for the week (he had that trip planned before he knew we were coming). Once we got to the church, we all started getting ready for the club. Nate and I had 4 girls show up for our group- three from families in the church and one who was a neighbor/friend.  Although there had been a good bit of advertising done, we didn’t have any kids from the community


       ^our girls’ puppet show while waiting on the team to recruit kids

show up.  So, several people went out into the community to knock on doors and see if they could find any kids.  In the meantime, Nate and I entertained our girls (although they really just entertained themselves… we just laughed). A few more kids showed up, and we did an abridged version of the day’s lesson.  After the club was over, we sent the kids home, ate lunch, and started preparing for the next day.  The big question was how to get more kids, since it had been about 5 years since the church had done a Kid’s Club.  We decided to send a few people out to knock on doors, handing out fliers and trying to talk to parents.  Going door to door ended up being a huge success, and we got a great response.  Afterwards, we decided to head into Edinburgh for a few hours since we didn’t have anything else scheduled for the rest of the day until supper.  Those of us who had


    ^Nate walking the streets of Edinburgh

gone door to door had planned to meet up with the rest of the group in Edinburgh, but we realized when we were on the way there that Edinburgh is a big city and none of us have working cell phones.  SOoo, the 5 of us just hung out in the city by ourselves for awhile, then decided to stop in The Last Drop. We thought the drop was referring to beer, but it turns out that it was located in a place called the Grass Market, where they used to do hangings back in the day.  There were nooses all over the walls — I guess the ‘last drop’ DSC03796.JPGwas referring to something else….    We headed back to Kevin and Wendys, where we had dinner with Andy and Catherine, Josh, and Francis.  I laughed harder during that meal than I have in months. I literally had stomach pain from laughing so hard.  After everyone left, we decided to call it a night and headed to bed.  


Tuesday 16th – We woke up with high hopes for the Kids Club, hoping that our door-to-door advertising had been successful the day before. We got to the church early again and spent some time preparing for the day.  The 4 girls in our group were always there early since some of their parents were helping with the club, so we had time every day to just hang out with them before we got started.  On this day in particular, the girls had a great time with flower%20fairy.jpgNate.  They turned him into their "flower fairy."  Let me just tell you that Nate was stretched this trip in ways he never knew possible.  Spending so much time with little girls was totally new for him, but he did a great job!  We did the same material as we had done the day before, since this time we had so many new kids.  We covered the creation story, and many of the children had never heard it before.  It was amazing to watch their faces as they heard for the first time that God had created everything.   After the club was over, we had lunch and spent some time doing prep for the next day.  Then we divided into groups to go do some more advertising- only this time it wasnt for the kids club, but for the Community Cafe that the church is sponsoring.  They are having a cafe on Saturdays (it started last week), where people can come to the church for fellowship, community information, and help with various concerns.  Anyway, we did cafe advertising and leaflet dropping, then headed back to the manse for dinner (the manse is where the MacMillans live- it’s the same as a parish house or parsonage here in the states).  After dinner, there was a ladies "pudding get together" (pudding is dessert), and the guys went over to another house to hang out and play music.  At the ladies dessert party, a few of us shared our testimonies and what God was doing in our lives, and we were able to really encourage each other.  At least, I left there encouraged! Afterwards, Wendy and I headed back to her house,  Nate came in an hour or so later from the guys’ get together, and we hit the sack.


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