Here are a few pics from yesterday (no camera today).  I’m going to bed now, but I’ll come back and add in some commentary tomorrow during our free time.  So check back at this post tomorrow and see. Until then, you can just guess what they are.


^Kevin, Nate, Me & Wendy at Wendy’s moms house.


^the meeting room at the Free Church College.  There was a massive painting on the wall showing when the Free Church broke away from the Church of Scotland, and Thomas Chalmers was smack dab in the middle.


^Outside of St. Giles


^Nate walking down the street in Edinburgh


^Looking out over the city from the view of the Castle walkway


^Bad picture, but great scenery


^ Standing in front of the castle, looking out over the city


^Looking down on Grass Market. This is where the hangings used to take place in Edinburgh because it was outside the city limits.  Now it’s part of the city, but they kept the name.  The street was lined with cool little stores, antique book shops, and pubs.


^Stewart Melville High School.  I’m not sure what they do here, but the building was beautiful.



3 thoughts on “Pics

  1. hey can you blog some pics and maybe a little about the missions part? I wanna hear about what’s going on other than the sight-seeing… I think I’m going to build myself a Stewart Wilson college – I could live there, I think.

  2. I’m not webstalking you. Honest! Love the photos. I guess when you live here you take things for granted – they look so much nicer in your pictures!(Stewart Melville by the way) xxx

  3. HiStewart Melvilles is a High School.Also thanks for posting ‘that’ picture of the MacMillans. My wife will kill me!Neil

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