They’re not pants, they’re trousers…

Today has been a fun day of learning all about how many American words mean totally different things over here. Don’t talk about your pants in public. You get lots of weird stares, because over here it means pantIES. The two funniest occasions so far have been 1) when we found out that Margaret and Ken lost their luggage, Varner asked if Margaret had packed any clothes in her carryon.  She said that she had packed about 2 days worth of clothes, and as she started to walk away, Varner yelled across the airport "It’s always good to travel with an extra pair of black pants in your bag!!" and 2) when Josh was talking tonight about his impression of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that he did while in Ireland a few years back.  He said "I did the whole rap… I even put my cap on sideways and pulled my pants down a little bit."  The whole room went silent, and then he shouted "TROUSERS! I pulled my trousers down a little bit so that they sagged like his. TROUSERS!"   Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

‘Cheers’ means ‘thanks’ here, not ‘hello.’  Nate couldnt figure out why people were saying hello to him in  the middle of a conversation. It’s because they werent, they were saying thanks.

‘Squint’ means ‘crooked.’

‘Bobbles’ are pony tail holders.

You put rubbish in the bin, not trash in the garbage can.

Everything is a ‘wee bit’ this or ‘quite’ that.

And Nate’s beloved Ugg slippers are ‘bathies.’

There’s your Scottish lesson for the day.


We did also get some work done, on top of our language lessons.  The Kids Club didnt give us as big of a turnout as we expected, so we went door to door this afternoon to advertise. Nate and I had a group of 4, and they were mostly girls from parents in the church.  We received a good response from our door-to-door calling this afternoon, so we’re expecting a big crowd tomorrow.  We also had some time to go to Edinburgh for some sight-seeing, then several people came over to Kevin and Wendy’s for dinner (although Kevin is in Milan for a few days right now).   Dinner tonight was fabulous- (or brilliant or fantastic or lovely if youre Scottish).  I laughed so hard that I was having stomach cramps, and then we ended up having an incredible conversation about community and a Christian’s role in the church. It was awesome.

I’m really enjoying getting to know Wendy.  She’s an awesome girl, and I wish we didn’t have an entire ocean that will seperate us come next Monday.

Anyway- keep praying for our team. Tomorrow should be a big day as far as ministering to the poverty-stricken children in the community behind the church goes.  We’re teaching the creation story, and many of these kids will have NEVER heard it before.  Also, keep praying for continued bonding among our church members who are here and the members of Kirkcaldy Free Church that we’re serving with. I love these people, and it has been so encouraging to spend time with them.  Pray that they’re feeling the same bit of encouragement from us!!

PS- I took some pictures today, but I’m too tired to post them tonight. It’s almost midnight and I’m exhausted. I’ll get them to you tomorrow. Goodnight!


One thought on “They’re not pants, they’re trousers…

  1. I’m glad to hear that everything is going well with you and Nate. I’m jealous for what you are seeing and doing and look forward to reading more.

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