Hello from the bonnie wee land of Scotland…

Well, we made it!  I was going to get on here and post last night, but I was just too tired after so much traveling.  The couple we’re staying with has an office/guest room, and they’ve told us we can use the computer as much as we’d like.  That means I’ll get to post about the trip as I go instead of trying to remember the entire thing at the end.

We left Friday around 2:30 for the airport, and the plane left at 5pm. We went to Atlanta, then to Paris, then to Edinbourgh.  I hate to say that all I’ve seen of Paris is from an airport window! Hopefully I’ll make it back one day to get to see it for real. 

Nate and I slept well on the flights…. better than everyone else.  Brad hooked us up with some Lunesta, so I got a good 6 hours of sleep from Atlanta to Paris. I also took another one last night before bed so that we wouldnt have trouble adjusting to the time, and Nate and I have gotten harrassed all day for not sharing our Lunesta since we’re the only ones without jet lag.  The luggage made it here safely, except for 2 bags which are stuck in Paris, but neither are ours. Other than that, the traveling went by without a hitch.

We ate dinner last night at the home of the pastor of Kirkcaldy Free Church. Then we all split up and went to our host homes to crash.

Nate and I are staying with a couple named Kevin and Wendy, and they are awesome! Today I said to Nate, "I’m so glad we’re staying with them- we got lucky…" and he said "I know….they’re just like us, only Scottish!"  He was pretty right about that- we’ve found that we have alot in common with them.  Nate and Kevin’s senses of humor are practically identical, so that’s been a good thing.  I can hear them now sitting in the living room watching American football and laughing.

Today we went to church in Kirkcaldy this morning, then spent the rest of the day eating, fellowshipping, and getting ready for the Kid’s Club that starts tomorrow. Nate and I are leading a group of what we think will be 8-year olds, most of whom have never heard anything about the Bible at all. Nothing. It should be interesting!

Around 5, we left and came back to Dunfermline (the city where Kevin and Wendy live) for the evening service.   By the way, there are 2 churches here that we’re visiting.  Right now, they meet together in the morning, then they split up and have 2 separate evening services.  They will start having 2 morning services in December, but until then they don’t have a facility to hold a Dunfermline morning service.   Since Kevin and Wendy are technically part of the Dunfermline church, we came with them tonight.  But it’s pretty much one big community. Then we came home, Nate and I did some reading, then we made fajitas and sat around and talked. It’s been a good day.

Tomorrow afternoon we are visiting Edinbourgh and touring around, so hopefully I’ll have some pictures for you.  I did take a couple yesterday and today, but not too many. I’ll try to remember to take more tomorrow. Here’s what I’ve got so far:





^ the street Kevin and Wendy live on.  Everybody lives in "flats" around here.



One thought on “Hello from the bonnie wee land of Scotland…

  1. I know that pink fleece! I hope it’s doing its job and keeping you warm! I can’t wait for the updates! I’ll be checking this everyday to see how y’all are doing! Much Love!!!

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