4 days and counting…

The countdown has begun. 4 days until we leave for Scotland. I am nowhere near prepared.

I’m working on a list of things to do/pack/errands etc so at least I can have some semblance of organization for the week.  I’ve got suitcases laid out on the guestroom bed, and I’m pulling my winter clothes down from the top of my closet tonight when I get home.  They’re forecasting the weather to be in the mid 40s while we’re there, but there’s always a pretty map_scotland.jpgsteady wind blowing, as well as a mist/fog/drizzle, so it will supposedly feel colder than it actually is. The good thing about that is that I can go ahead and start packing now, because I wont need to wear any of the clothes between now and then.  I dont plan on pulling out my fleece-lined jacket here in Mississippi for another several months.

I’ve got lots of other little things to take care of too, like getting converters, making copies of passports, licenses, insurance, etc to leave with someone while we’re away, making sure the pets are taken care of, getting a host gift for the family we’re staying with in Scotland, get information out to my financial/prayer supporters, get things ready to miss 2 sundays at church… plus a LOT of schoolwork to knock out before I leave town.  I’ve got to take a midterm on wed or thursday, so I’m studying for that, but I also need to get ahead in all of my classes so that I’m not swamped when I get back.  We might have a little time for reading while we’re there, but I can’t really count on being able to study while I’m gone.  So I’d better work my bum off this week before I leave.

The good thing about this week is that my sweet aunt Ame decided to help me out by getting someone to come and help me clean up and pack one day, as well as do a little cooking for us. If there’s ever been a week that I needed someone else to come and cook/clean one day for me, this week is going to be it! Ame, you ROCK!

Anyway, this is looking like it’s going to be one busy week.  It’s a good thing I dropped that one-week-intensive class I was originally signed up for.  That would have been a stupid move.

Well, back to work. I’ve got plenty to do so I shouldnt be procrastinating by hanging out online.  You shouldn’t either (:



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