almost back at par…

Today has been better… I was still a little sick, but mostly just lightheaded and weak from not having much food over the past week.  The nausea has gone way down, and I wasn’t throwing up at all. I still ate nothing but soup, crackers, and sprite all day, so I’m a little sick of those, but other than that, I dont have too many complaints.  I am complaining, though, that this didn’t just come and hit me in one fell swoop like it did everyone else.  They all spent several hours really sick and constantly vomiting, then they were fine. Why has mine been drawn out a little less severely over several days?  I’d rather just be hit with lots of misery at once and get it over and done with than have it take me out of the loop for an entire week.  Oh well, I’m at the end of it, I think.  Tomorrow I’m hoping I’ll be back up to 100%. 

Except for the Hebrew midterm.  That might knock me down a bit.  I’ve studied some, but not as much as I thought I would just because I didn’t feel up to it.  I think I’ll do okay, but going several days without quizzing myself on vocab is going to hurt, I think.  I’m about to do another 45 mins or so of vocab review, then I’m going to bed.  I’m a little scared that staying up late to study is going to make me feel even worse tomorrow, and I’m SO close to getting better!! I’ll just get up and do another hour or so in the morning.

Oh, and I finished my paper.  I might post it here, actually. It’s a review of Susan Hunt’s Heirs of the Covenant, which you should go read NOW.  Did I even tell you I was writing a paper? I dont remember. Well either way, I finished it.

Back to Hebrew vocab. Goodnight all.



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