Help me help you

Okay y’all know how I’ve raved about Tim Challies’ website/blog for awhile.  I read it daily and LOVE it. Today he posted about The Great September Giveaway, and I WANT TO WIN.

I’ve mentioned to you before the Reformed Expository Commentary Series… Well he’s giving all 6 away. Normally, I would tell you NOT to enter so that you wouldn’t take away my chances of winning, but in this case it’s a little backwards.  If you enter by clicking on one of the giveaway banners on this page, or by entering my ReferralID when you enter (10301), you’ll help me out by giving me more chances to win.  But dont forget to put in my referral number. Then after you enter, you can spread the word along and give out your own referralID to increase your own chances.

SO. Click here and help us both out. I already have 1 of the books in the series, so if I win, I’ll give away the extra copy here on my site.


sept Giveawaysept Giveaway


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