SMART Habit Saturday

smarthabitsaturday-731981.jpgI know I missed last week. Oops.  I’ve made it this week, though, largely because Nate is out of town visiting family in Chattanooga, so I’m getting more little random things done.

The habit I did the first time was meal planning, and so far so good.  I’m going to make a September meal plan today, along with a shopping list (of things that dont spoil) and go ahead and get it all at once. 

For today, my new SMART habit is make sure I polish the wood floor once a week.  I don’t have that much wood, so it won’t take long.  It just gets dull so fast. Plus if we’re planning on moving anytime soon, I need to make sure I keep things maintained.

So, it’s on today’s TO DO list, and I’m now adding it once a week.

For more SMART habits, go see Lara over at The Lazy Organizer.


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