Works For Me Wednesday

wfmw.jpgWith classes starting back up and since I’m taking a full load this semster, I am still in the process of getting into a schedule groove.  Sooo, the blog has had to be put on the backburner in order to make sure I keep all of my priorities straight.  So I’m a little late with my WFMW, but that’s okay. At least I’m getting around to it, since I skipped SMART habit saturday.

You know what works for me? Using plastic storage containers in my refrigerator to organize stuff.  No, I’m not just talking about leftovers and such.  I put Glad/Rubbermaid square containers inside the drawers of my fridge, so that they work kind of like the silverware drawer–everything is mini-compartmentalized. gladware.jpgI dont put the lids on, so theyre just open squares.  I put all of my shredded cheese bags, sliced cheese, etc (in ziplock baggies) and throw them in one container.  I use another for the sandwich meat (again, in ziplock bags), and so on.  I can easily see where everything goes, and it’s much easier to see what I need when I’m going grocery shopping. If the cheese bin is empty, add cheese to the list. I dont have to go digging through the entire fridge to see if there’s cheese in there SOMEWHERE.

Of course, it doesnt work well if your husband hasn’t figured out that things go BACK in the compartment that they came from, but it hopefully won’t take long to catch on!!!

Works for me!  Head on over to Rocks In My Dryer for more tips and tricks!

One thought on “Works For Me Wednesday

  1. May I just say I love you? This is a very original idea–I’ve read a Lot of organizing tips, and never come across this one! It’s also much needed in my home! Thanks.

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