1st Week Recap

So I thought I’d let you know how my first week turned out. 

I started classes on  Wednesday.  I’m taking Hebrew I, Foundations of Christian Education, & Missions.   During Fall Break/Reading Week (Oct 8-12) I’m taking Isaiah-Malachi.  I don’t have to go to that class now, but I still have to do the reading.

Hebrew is going well. It’s at 8am every day.  I took my first quiz today and made  100…. I was excited, but I had to study alot for it yesterday.  It’s hard learning a bunch of squiggly lines in backwards order.  I had to know the Hebrew alphabet, final forms, bagadkephat letters, and the gutterals. I know that none of that made sense to any of you if you haven’t had Hebrew, but that’s okay.

Foundations of CE is good- it is split over 2 days (1 hour wed, 2 hours thurs).  I like the professor, but he puts extensive class notes on the internet for all of his lectures…which doesnt give you much motivation for taking notes or listening well.  The reading for the class is really great, though. I’m enjoying the books so far.

I havent been to my Missions class yet.  It meets on Tuesdays and we didnt start till Wed this week.  I’m excited that one of the books I get to read is Let the Nations Be Glad: The Supremacy of Christ in Missions by John Piper.  I ordered that one from the big $5 sale at Desiring God a few weeks ago.  I was disappointed because I really wanted to read it, but was afraid I wouldnt have time until the end of the semester.  Now that it’s required, I’ll get to read it anyway!  I also have to interview a non-Christian for this class.  I don’t know many people who openly claim to be non-Christians. If you’re a non-Christian, let me know. Maybe I’ll interview you for my class.

I havent gotten any of the books yet for Isaiah-Malachi because the bookstore is out. We’ll go from 8-5 for 1 week (like I did for my summer classes), but we’re supposed to have the reading done prior to class.  So I’ve got about 6 weeks to read it all.  I’m excited about this class because Bryan Estelle is the professor, and he’s coming over from Westminster Seminary in California to teach. I’ve heard lots of great things about his teaching, so I’m looking forward to it.

The only negative thing I’ve experienced so far is the fact that I have to wake up at 5:30am every single day.  If you know me AT ALL, you know that this could easily ruin my semester.  I love my sleep. Nate and I are used to lounging around and snuggling in the bed until 8am or so, so this has been quite a shock to my schedule. 

"Schedule" is pretty much the key word for the semester.  If I’m going to get schoolwork, reguarl work, and childrens ministry work finished during the week, I’ve got to plan ahead.  My morning schedule is working out so far. 

    • 5:30-6 — wake up, shower, get dressed
    • 6-6:30 — quiet time, breakfast
    • 6:30-7 — houswork (or extra study time if needed)
    • 7-7:15 — dry hair, makeup
    • 7:20 — books together and out the door.

It’s giving me plenty of time to get up and get everything done without feeling rushed.  Plus I have time to pick up the house, wash dishes, do a load of laundry, etc before I leave.  That way I don’t come home from a long day to a dirty house that I dont feel like cleaning.

The problem will be getting an evening schedule down that I can stick to.  I am going to want to come home from work and lie on the couch, not fix dinner or clean up or study or do Childrens Ministry work.  Oh well. I’ve got the first 12-hours of my day scheduled to death, maybe I should give the last 4 hours a break.

Anyway, that’s what my week looks like.  Here’s hoping I can start it all again at 5:30am on Monday.


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