For Natey…



Happy Anniversary, sweet Natey!

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already, although sometimes it seems that I can’t really remember life without you here with me.  Our lives are so intertwined and connected now that it’s hard to imagine that we both spent 17 years of our lives completely oblivious to the other’s existence.

Since we met 6 years ago, the hard times have been easier to handle, the fun times have been more exciting, and the happy times can all be connected in some way back to you.  You’re my rock, my leader, my guide, my safe place, my soulmate, and my best friend.  You care for me, watch over me, protect me, lead me, comfort me, and constantly point me to Christ.  Your wisdom, insight, gentle strength, sweet spirit, and love guide me through each day and constantly help me to better become the woman that God has instructed me to be.

These past 3 years as your wife have been the best 3 years I’ve ever known, and I know that I’ll feel the same way 50 years down the road. 

I love you, Natey.  I love sharing my life with you. Happy Anniversary.

Love, Nikki


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