My favorite pictures…

I’ve had my digital camera since January 2004.  I had one before that, a Kodak 3megapixel, but I ruined it.  I can’t remember how…I probably dropped it in the toilet or something, knowing me (which has surprisingly been the unintentional fate of several of my electronic devices…).  So I went awhile without.  Then when I moved up to Murfreesboro, my mom bought me a new one so that I could capture my new exciting life as it happened and send it all to her via email.  She gave me a budget and told me and Nate to go camera hunting. 

Here’s what we found:sony%20digital%20camera.jpg

At the time, I thought that 7.2 megapixels was probably the highest you could possibly get and that this camera was way better than even the professionals used, because c’mon…it was 7.2 megapixels! Of course, Nate kindly let me know that it was not the most technologically advanced camera in the world and that there were, in fact, cameras more high-tech than mine. Oh well. I loved it.

Still do, actually.  It’s small enough that I carry it in my pocket or purse pretty much all the time, it has an awesome zoom, it has a nifty little menu with lots of options, a great built-in video camera, and it’s really user-friendly. As far as every-day digital cameras go, this one’s a keeper.

HOWEVER…. If I was going to have a not-so-every-day camera, something a little fancier that I used for more serious photography (if I knew how to do such a thing), I would get something more like this:canon%20digital%20camera.jpg 

 The Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II Digital SLR… I don’t know what half of that means, but in the specs it says that it has 16.7 megapixels, which is much better than my 7.2! And it’s only $8,000 so I might just go pick one up tomorrow. Hah.

I might actually try to get into some real photography if I had one like that.  It wouldn’t even have to be that one, specifically.  It would just be cool to have an upper-end, fancy schmancy camera.  For now, though, I’ll stick to my handy little Sony.

I’ve taken lots of pictures that I love with my little Sony. Here, I’ll show you a few of my favorites…


^ Jane Bradley at the beach a couple of weeks ago.


^ Nate’s little cousin up in PA that we see once a year. I love all the green.


^2 little cousins- they’re so cute!


^ My little cousin, Luke, in the puppy costume I gave him last year.


^Nate and Treasure being bums.

What about you?  Do you have any favorite pictures that you’ve taken? What kind of camera do you have, or what kind would you like to have?? (if you want to browse some cool cameras at a site that has LOTS to choose from, try the Ritz Camera website… they’ve also got some cool Nikon Cameras – they’ve got them all!) If you could drop $8000 on a camera, which one would YOU pick?


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