If this week would only last a little longer….

Hmmm… it seems that my text has suddenly become verrrry small on here.  I will try to fix that.

Mucho better.

Just thought I’d let you know that my friend Courtney has a new blog. Well, kind of a new blog.  She had it before and she deleted it and started over.   Old web address, new content. You should check her out and FORCE her to keep writing.  She’s pretty much a huge slacker who likes to procrastinate on her posting.  Not that I can say much, because y’all know that when class starts back my posts dwindle slightly.  Oh well. Go visit Courtney. If you’re curious as to who she is, there’s a nice little explanation here from Lacey, resulting from being on the losing end of a bet.

I just got my new syllabus for my Isaiah-Malachi class, and it turns out that there will be 3 books, a few Hebrew assignments, and only 1 exam. Hallelujah! Hopefully this class isn’t going to totally assassinate me like my summer ones did.  I tell you what, seminary is hard, y’all!  <— a little of my southern-belle-ness coming out for ya.

I think I’m going to have to totally revamp my approach to school this fall. Have I already posted on this? Maybe, but it’s because it’s always on the top of my mind right now.  I started off thinking that it wouldn’t be too hard because I was so used to reading/writing papers in undergrad.  Oh how wrong was I.  Turns out that flying through novels before I go to bed is a wee bit different than trudging through theology.  Theology isnt late-night reading material. And you can’t pound out papers at 5am before class, either, like I used to do.  This is a whole different ballgame. I’m about to have to become superscheduled I think.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the only way I’ll survive.

So we’re about to be able to add "super-scheduled" to my "Super-efficient, well-managing housewife" title.  I’m going to be the "Super-efficient, super-scheduled, well-managing housewife/student."

But I’ll start that next week. (:

**Oh, and don’t forget that tomorrow is Works-For-Me Wednesday! It’s fun to participate!


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