A quick explanation…

So I told Nate that I was going to make a little side-money blogging (and btw I’ve already made some), and his response was "Sell-out! Nikki’s a sell-out!!"

Just in case you were thinking the same thing, let me explain. 

First of all – I promise not to post about anything JUST for the sake of posting for money.  I’ll always choose topics that I am interested in or are relevant to something going on in my head/life/reading/blog etc. I’ll always research whatever I blog about, and I’ll always give you an HONEST opinion. Promise.

Secondly, I’ll always tell you when it’s a sponsored post.  There are always a few lines following every post I make that tells you that it was indeed posted by me (I can’t take that off or I would), what time, and what category it fits into.  The category will always say "Sponsored Post" if I’m making money off of it. Plus, alot of times the company who is doing the advertising will request a specific link, photo, etc.

Third, I’m not going to stop my regular blogging.  (Technically, I can’t anway, or else I can no longer make money… it has to stay a ‘regular’ blog with ‘regular’ posts to keep its approved status).  Although, honestly, I don’t talk about anything interesting on here half of the time anyway, so I don’t really understand why all of you keep coming back. But, I like having you around, so don’t go anywhere.

Finally, this makes me blog more often, which means I set aside "computer time," which means I’ll have time for more significant posts. 

Oh, and another plus is that sometimes these companies will give you something free to give away on your site.  They’ll sponsor contests and such. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some free stuff out of the deal!

So, I hope you don’t think I’m a sell-out, because I don’t think I am.  If you go and sign up with some of these companies and put sponsored posts on YOUR blog, I won’t mind. I’ll still read it.  Besides, you learn about some pretty cool stuff that you wouldnt have heard about otherwise, so it’s a win-win (or win-win-win if you’re Michael Scott).

Stick around.




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