Smorty- blogging for money!

As you know, I browse around other blogs ALOT.  Over the weekend I was checking out several various blogrolls that I thought were interesting, and I kept running across all these little icons that said "Smorty."  I thought it was strange that all of these unrelated blogs would have this same icon, so I decided to check it out. 

Turns out, all of these people are ALOT smarter than I am- they blog as much as I do, but they blog for money instead! Why didn’t I think of that?? I know alot of people use things like AdSense by Google and things, but it covers your blog in alot of links that have no relation to your blog whatsoever, and you don’t really make that much off of it.  This Smorty company, however, does things a little differently.  Instead of filling your page with a thousand links that you have no control over, they give you various topics that you can choose whether or not to blog about.  If you like the topic, you blog about it, and they pay you. It’s as easy as that.

The best part is that you pick and choose what you want to blog about.  You don’t have to write about or endorse something you don’t know about or wouldnt normally use.  You choose things from Smorty that you would normally talk about anyway and give your honest responses.  You don’t have to feel like you’re lying to your readers or using them for money – you’re just talking about what you would normally talk about, but you’re getting a little extra cash out of it.   For example, I signed up with their website, and they asked me to tell you about it.  I would have told you about it anyway, so no pressure.  Pretty much all of it is like that.

If you’re not a blogger, but you sell things online, you can also use their services to advertise on blogs.  Your traffic would increase because various bloggers all across the web are talking about your product/service.  Not a bad way to get your name out there!

If you blog alot, head on over to Smorty and check them out.  You can probably make money blogging, and you didn’t even know it!


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