Hey Look! Here’s another one! Lots of ways to blog for cash…

So I told you in my last post about how I’m jumping on the blogging for money bandwagon. I’ve done a little more research today and have asked several other bloggers I know about what sites they use.  Here’s another one that gets lots of great reviews:  PayPerPost.

I came across lots of random blog-ad sites that seem to be scams, but according to everything I’ve read and other people that have personally been trying it, you can actually make good money on this one.  There’s no fee for joining, you blog only about what you WANT to blog about, and you don’t have to endorse anything in your blog….  you just write what you think.  You get a list of topics, you say "hey that one looks interesting," you research the topic a little if you want, and you blog. It’s that simple.  (there are a couple of requirements for getting your blog approved, though… it can’t be a brand new blog, it can’t have questionable content, it has to be updated regularly, etc).

Or, if you’ve got products/services to sell or promote online, payperpost is a great way to drive traffic to your site.

Anyway.  I know I have a few friends/readers out there who blog as much as I do.  I know because I read your blogs.  Some of you blog even MORE than I do.  If that’s the case, you should be making money for yours too. If you’re going to talk to the world anyway, why not let your time be productive? Hey, this way your spouse can’t tell you that you’re sitting around wasting time…. You can tell them to leave you alone because you’re WORKING! ha.

So check out PayPerPost. It’s a good’un.




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