Clock’s ticking…

So I printed off my syllabi for the Fall ’07 semester, and this is how its shaping up:

  • 9 books
  • 7 exams
  • 3 papers (2 that are 15-20 pages, one that is 7-10 pages)
  • 11 quizzes
  • about 15000 "recommended reading" books (read: not required, but you’d better read them)
  • daily homework (in my Hebrew class)

But that doesn’t include the Isaiah-Malachi class, because I don’t have the syllabus for it yet. I am expecting 3-5 books, 2 exams, and a paper…but that’s just a guess. 

I’ve got 17 days of freedom left.  I’d better use it wisely. In otherwords, I’ll be doing lots of my OWN reading, drinking margaritas with no guilt, watching movies at night, eating dinner with friends, and sleeping past 5:45am. Because once August 22 comes, my mornings will be EARLY, and all of my evenings will be spent reading theology/education theory, translating and memorizing Hebrew, and studying.

So if you wanna eat dinner with me sometime between now and December 3, you’ve got 2-and-a-half weeks. 

I know you’re jealous.


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