This time tomorrow I should be celebrating. Hopefully. Unless I’m an even bigger slacker than I originally thought and really actually DO wait until the midnight deadline. But the plan is to be finished before work tomorrow.

So far, I have more than half of the paper to finish, alot of studying to do, and a final to take.  This is another test that will be just like the one that kicked my bum so hard 2 days ago. I’m prepared for another attack. I expect to have my bum fully bruised up all over again.

As for the paper, it’s coming along well. I’ve actually enjoyed writing it. I might actually post some of it for you, because I think it’s really interesting. I don’t ever post my work, so you should be feeling really special right about now.

There has been one great thing about my assignments…  I listened to the first 15 chapters of Acts this morning while I was getting ready and cleaning the house, and I just can’t express how much I LOVE THAT BOOK. It’s my favorite in the New Testament.  Every time I read/hear it, I’m just totally amazed all over again.  If only I had that kind of faith. If only I had that kind of passion. I love that you can tell just by reading the sermons recorded there how passionate the apostles were.  They LOVED their jobs! I love how Paul jumps on any opportunity to share the Gospel.  You give him a tiny crack of an opening, and he’s going to pour out the whole thing for you before you’ve realized what has happened. 

This afternoon I’m going to finish up chapters 16-28. I can’t wait.  I know how it ends, but still. The anticipation gets me every time!


One thought on “Al…most…there…….

  1. I would love to read your papers and discuss Acts with you. Bring them to the beach. Love Tutu

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