HURRY UP AND PRINT! I hate paper jams. And empty ink cartridges. And screwed up wireless networks.

I just finished one of my tests for my Synoptics & Acts class. It totally kicked my butt. Hard. Now I know why they call my professor "The Velvet Hammer." He looks, acts, and dresses like Mr. Rogers.  The nicest man you’ll ever meet. Then you get his test. And it totally rocks your world. In a bad way. My first thought was, "But I thought you were too nice to do this to me!!" I feel so betrayed…

I’m sitting here waiting on my essay to print out so that I can go to bed. It’s taking wayyy too long because the printer thinks its funny to have EVERYTHING go wrong all at once.  Notice the title to this post.

I can’t tell if Nate is still awake or not….From where I’m sitting at my kitchen table I can’t see if there’s a light coming from under the door.  His last words to me were "Come to bed soon, wife."

Tomorrow will be a day of reading, reading, reading, studying, and more reading! I know you’re all totally jealous of my thrilling lifestyle. It sucks that you can’t all be me.

And by the way…no I havent started my paper. Yes it’s 20 pages long. And yes it’s due Friday. Once again- jealous??


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