Its late, I’m tired, and this will be short…

One more day… and we get out at noon tomororw, so that will be nice that it’s a short day.  I have really loved this class, though. Dr. Currid is amazing- he’s such a great teacher.

I got harrassed today for liking Leviticus so much. Hey, don’t hate on Leviticus. I can honestly say that I never would have had the understanding of grace that I have now if it werent for studying that book. Getting a glimpse of what you can never do for yourself shows you the significance of what Christ did for all of us.

Went to the Stone Pony tonight for kareoke to hear Michelle sing. She’s awesome. Tomorrow she’s competing in a singing competition in Balloon Glow. You should come.

I’m tired. And I’ve got another morning of waking up at 5:50am. Goodnight.



4 thoughts on “Its late, I’m tired, and this will be short…

  1. Dr. Currid was one of Sean’s faves, too. Lucky you getting to take his class! I always enjoyed hearing Sean’s stories about his lectures.

  2. I guess we think alike. I to like Lev. I kind of half way studied it a couple of summers ago. It really makes you stop and think. Glad you made it through the week. Love Tutu

  3. Oops I never know how to spell that one.Thanks for the encouragement, guys. You rock!

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