here i go again…

Well I’ve just pulled onto campus and I’m about to go into my next 1-week intensive class. My internet wasnt working this morning so I’m posting from my phone. It looks like there’s alot more cars here so maybe this will be a full class. I dont think I’m ready to do this again!! —————- — Mobile message from Remomail powered by Remoba Inc.


Class was great today, and alot different from the one I took a few weeks ago.  It’s alot bigger, maybe 15-20 of us, and I actually know a few of them, which is nice.  We only had 1 break in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, which actually made the day seem to go by faster.  Plus, we had a long lunch (hour and a half), although most days it will be only an hour. After lunch, the Hebrew students go and have a hour-long Hebrew lesson with the professor, and the rest of us get an extra hour of reading time (but we have to read an extra book, so it evens out). Having a big 2 and a half hour block in the middle of the day to eat lunch and read was really nice…. it made it much easier to go back for a few more hours of lecture afterwards.  If its like this all week, this is totally doable.

And so far so good on the crock-pot dinner idea.  When I left this morning at 7:20am, I had dinner cooking, laundry going, the dishwasher going, and a clean house.  When I got out of class, I went and worked out for an hour, then came home to a fully cooked dinner. It was really nice.

This could totally work on a regular basis.

But for now I’m about to crawl into the bed and read, then get ready to do it all again tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “here i go again…

  1. I know you can do it, just stick to it. Crockpot suppers are a good thing. If you have any good receipes let me know. Only three more days now. Love Tutu

  2. Nice to meet you tonight. Sorry I am not talkative, I am somewhat shy at first, but very outspoken (I guess you would say) after awhile. I also greatly speak the truth, but sometime out of love (at least in appearance). I am usually speaking it in love, but it doesn’t come out that way. So don’t be offended if we talk and you get offended, just be gracious with me and tell me so we can be the Church and work out my problems! Thanks. Nice seein’ you! NOTE: You have a southern accent, it caught me off guard. Alright, later!

  3. I’ll post great recipes as I find them…. so far I’ve got 2 I need to add. I’m trying another new one tomorrow! But that means that you have to swap your good ones with me, too!!and Andrew… no sweat about being shy. It was nice to finally meet you! And I’ll just tell you straight up if I’m offended, I guess. That just makes it easier to work it out immediately. Hope to see you again soon!

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