Because I couldnt wait until tomorrow to tell you this…

I had to go ahead and post this now. Even though its almost 11 and I have a very early morning tomorrow.

There are two less animals in my life, as of today.

First, I’ll give you the update on my little stray puppy. The Ridgeland Police Dept came and got him today (against my will. We had a little fight. RPD guy didn’t care. That’s a long story, and a very sad one). They took him to MS Animal Rescue League, where they said that he is 100% full bred pit-bull…and its against the law for them to release him for adoption. They gave him a medical checkup and said that the wounds down his back were burns… as if he had crawled underneath a car that had been running and was burned by the exhaust pipes or something.  She said that he was in pretty bad shape. Since they were legally prohibited from finding a home for him, they had to put him to sleep.  There are some strict pit-bull laws around here, if you’re wondering.

Second, I have a shocking story for you. Totally shocking. So shocking that every few minutes, I say "I can’t believe you did that!" and Nate says "Me either! I didn’t think I would!" We invited 2 other couples over for dinner and grilled outside on the back patio. We had full view of the chaos that is Stupidcat and Stalkerbird’s relationship. Stalkerbird was especially pissed tonight and wouldn’t let up. For hours.

I went inside for something-or-other, and when I returned, Nate was standing in the backyard with a BBgun. Yep, you heard it right, folks. Stalkerbird is no longer with us. Nate decided to defend Stupidcat’s honor and put both of them out of their misery…(putting Stupidcat out of her misery in the sense that he got rid of the bird…. Stupidcat is fine. He didn’t shoot her or else we’d be having a huge fight right now).

You have to take into consideration that Nate has never killed anything before. Ever. EVER. He has especially never SHOT anything. He loves animals. I’ve never met a guy with a bigger heart for animals. I guess he just had a bigger heart for Stupidcat than Stalkerbird.

I thought I would feel bad, but to be perfectly honest… after 4 months of that, I’m just glad it’s over. Now we’ll have some peace and quiet around here.

One thought on “Because I couldnt wait until tomorrow to tell you this…

  1. Sorry about the puppy, but you would have been very upset if he bit someone. Did youy ever find out what kind of bird was giving the cat such a hard time. I bet it was a mockingbird. Tutu

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