Calling all Pet Lovers!

This morning Nate called me from the office and asked me to bring some dogfood with me when I came to work. Not a normal request, so of course I asked why. Turns out there’s a dog running around the property out here, but Nate warned me that he wasnt in good shape.

So I brougt the dogfood. Boy did this little guy need it.  He looks like he hasnt had food in a really long time, and he’s got some pretty serious sores on his back and on the top of his head.  I’m not sure what all is wrong with him, but he needs some help. Nate called the vet where my aunt works, but they said that they couldnt take him in off the street unless we were going to foot the bill…which we arent going to be able to afford.  The only other thing he knew to do was to call animal control and leave a message.

So, I’m hoping that one of my kindhearted readers is a sympathetic dog lover who doesnt want to see this little boy die. I’m going to keep feeding him and bringing him water every day, and hopefully we’ll get some weight on him.  He’s sweet, just a little bit afraid. He warmed up to Nate pretty quickly, and Nate was able to pet him.  Once we gave him the bowl of food, he dug in like he hadnt seen food in months.  Im surprised it didnt make him sick, he ate so much. Right now he’s just lying in the shade outside.  I dont think he can do much more than that, really, because he’s so weak.

I took a few pictures, hoping I could convince somebody to adopt this little guy and get him some medical help. He’s sweet, he just needs a new family and lots of love.


DSC03234.JPG DSC03239.JPG See how skinny he is?  He was really excited to get some food.

He would let Nate pet him and scratch him under his chin. He could just barely wag his tail.


One thought on “Calling all Pet Lovers!

  1. Nikki-Email or call my mom – she is super kind-hearted and knows lots of animal lovers. Remember Buddy? And Roo? If I were there, I’d take him!

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